Sight Installation

  • Welcome to Conquest Arms, your trusted source for professional firearm services.
  • At Conquest Arms, we offer expert sight installation services to ensure that your firearm’s sights are properly installed for optimal accuracy and performance.
  • Whether you’re upgrading your existing sights, installing new sights, or need assistance with sight alignment, our team of skilled technicians is here to help.


Basic Handgun Package

Push Out Old Iron Sights
Install New Iron Sights with 
Professional Sight Installation Tool
Install New Optic
Laser Bore Check For Alignment
Lubrication of moving parts

Price: $30.00

Basic Rifle/Shotgun Package

Remove Old Optic
Inspect Base and Base Screws
Install New Optic
Level Reticle
Adjust for Eye Relief
Loctite/Rockset where needed
Laser Bore Sight for Alignment
Lubrication of moving parts

Price: $40.00

Customized Sight Services

Tailored Optic solutions based on your specific needs
Pistol Live Fire Zero
Rifle Life Fire Zero
Custom Optics Mounting
Scope/Optic Zero Retention
Scope/Optic Turret Adjustment
Scope/Optic Ballistic Profiles

Price: Custom Quote


  • “Conquest Arms did an excellent job installing new sights on my handgun. The process was quick and hassle-free, and the results were outstanding.”
    • Jim, Correction Officer
  • “I’m extremely satisfied with the sight installation service provided by Conquest Arms. I had trouble Zeroing my rifle and turns out it was installed improperly.  Conquest fixed the problem and showed me what was wrong. My Rifle/Scope now shoots Under 1” at 100yds consistently.
    • Oliver, Hunter

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